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CTI Electronics Corporation manufactures an industrial joystick with 1K or 10K ohms of resistance which electrically simulates a potentiometer joystick. Because of its design and components, the CTI NEMA 4 (IP66) industrial joystick is the most reliable pointing device available on the market today. But, an industrial joystick may not be the correct device for every application. It is CTI's goal to navigate you through the selection process in determining the best human machine interface device for your application.

The selection of the appropriate device requires a fundamental understanding of the application, where it will be used, and how it will be used by the operator. There are other factors which are also involved such as budget constraints, time constraints, time-to-market issues, etc. which will also affect the choice of an appropriate device.

F1000 Series OEM Precision Control Industrial Joystick:

CTI's precision control industrial joystick (F Series mini joysticks) feature a non-contacting design, which ensures a much longer lifespan than other types of joysticks. This analog industrial joystick is extremely precise, highly reliable, rugged, drift-free, and rated to 10 million operations. With the smallest footprint and below-panel depth in its class, the F1000 Series truly sets the standard for industrial-grade miniature joysticks. High-quality design provides an excellent feel, which is very responsive to touch and more user-friendly than a touchpad. CTI's OEM joysticks are NEMA 4 (IP66) sealing and offer the following options; protection from extreme operating temperatures, protection from EMI, and a redundant safety feature. These rugged joysticks are ideally suited for harsh environments, precision instruments, and restricted spaces (e.g. wheel chair joysticks). CTI's OEM industrial joystick is also available as USB FlightSticks. These Joysticks also use the same USB HID Compliant Game Controller technology as a Micorsoft Sidewinder®.

F1000 Industrial Joystick Product Data Sheets

PDF IconF1000-N2 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N24 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N5 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N54 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N3 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N33 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N63 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1000-N34 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1800-N82 Product Data Sheet

PDF IconF1800-N84 Product Data Sheet

F1000 Industrial Joystick with Option A (Adapter Plate) Technical Drawings

PDF IconF10X0A-N2 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N24 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N5 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N54 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N3 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N33 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N63 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N34 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N82 Technical Drawing

PDF IconF10X0A-N84 Technical Drawing

How to Select an Industrial Joystick

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